Saturday, 17 January 2009

Tardis-2009 Model


Posting a little early today and not really much to say. Went to work and went for a walk with the mighty Tez. He got covered in mud and had to be bathed. He's still talking to me cos I didn't bath him, I'm not that daft you know ;O)

I thought I'd post this because the theme over on Shutterday is "Up In Lights" this week and I'd had this for a while, waiting for a reason to do something with it. It was shot at Piccadilly Circus-London and I was quite amazed to see this over sized Police Box on the corner of the street (you can tell I don't get out much) plus the lighting on the building behind was quite something. I was pressed up against the railings and this was the only angle in which I could fit them both in.

On another note don't forget to pop over to my pal's blog at id7 as he's been posting some awesome shots these last few days, especially yesterday', Cushty Bruv ;O)



JJ said...

Greta shot, the lighting is superb, the slight tilt to the shot really works here very cool

have a good weekend

Katie-Rose said...

I love the shape of the building, and the light. The angle you've taken it from is brilliant, which is fortunate as it was your only option!

Elaine- said...

well, being pushed up against a rail worked for ya... and what IS that green glow on that building? looks like kryptonite or something, hope superman doesn't look at your photo, lex luthor may end up ruling the world...