Friday, 30 January 2009

Train One, Save Many


Phew, well as you probably gathered it's been a busy week and on the whole a lot better than last week thankfully :O)

Just work tomorrow to get through and I'm hoping for dry weather for the rest of the weekend so as I might get out with the camera somewhere-need a plan!

I couldn't help using some textures again today so I hope you'll forgive me? I think they suited the subject.

This is part of the RNLI lifeboat station in Cromer, Norfolk and looks out onto what is essentially their workplace. These people do an incredible job. When you consider that what they do is as volunteers for an organization that relies on charity it's even more incredible. It's a cause that I always support whenever I get the chance, I only hope that I never have cause to need their services.



Elaine- said...

why do you apologize for using textures?? there is no need to apologize for making things beautiful... i like this shot and the misty foggy texture goes well with it....

Ilan said...

That looks like a part of a set from a movie studio - almost unreal :)
I love the texture you add - they are subtle and not too controlling.

JJ said...

Not sick of textures at all your work is inspiring me to try, will do the tutorial this weekend I hope
Love this shot the texture works so well

Yeah in distance i may be closer to the sea than you, and if I had a car would get there more often but so much a hassle getting there on public transport

Olivier Jules said...

great shot