Saturday, 3 January 2009

Swarming Like Flies

It doesn't seem like five minutes ago that I was gloating about finishing work and having some time off.

Apart from the usual festivities I seem to have achieved very little with my time off and there's only one day left! I suppose that's what holidays are for but I always seem to think in terms of "what can I get done over the holidays" perhaps the rest has done me good eh? We'll see ;O)

From the same series as a couple of days ago, shot from the hip again and I thought I'd go for B&W today as I liked the other that way too (though you didn't see that version I know). The Kinks track "Waterloo Sunset" always goes around & around my head when I'm on the underground, which is ok because it's one of my favourites and it's where pinched the title from today!



JJ said...

Waterloo Sunset, now thats a song I havent heard for ages, getting out ipod shortly to listen to it again

Sounds similar to me I got sweet FA done over my few days off, must be the season

As to how early do I leave for work, if I am on time I am out the door by 5:45 which most days I am sometimes if I wake early may get out at 5:30

Which gives me some time I like to get to work by 8, and funnily enough I have time as the official start time is 9 or 9:30 I forget

Craig said...

Oh my god, I'm so sorry it takes you so long to get to work. I sincerely hope you enjoy what you do! I like your photo but think you must not like the commute if you think of the other passengers as flies. But, I could be all wrong (often am).

Elaine- said...

lol i knoooow doggies practice that look, mine seemed to be born knowing how to use her cuteness to her advantage :) thanks for making me smile craig! another great subway shot i see, don't know the kinks' song, but my husband never gets done what he plans over holidays either, i think it's a universal pain of husbands everywhere :) anyway, great shot as usual, craig

CraigM said...

Thanks all.

Craig thanks for stopping by and commenting, flies was just a reference to the song, just describes the throng of people at rush hour on the underground. This isn't my commute-it's JJ that has a long one it would seem which leads me to-You leave at what time??!! Jeez, don't I feel lucky, my commute is five minutes drive and long may it continue!

JJ said...

LOL Craig, no my commute isnt to bad at all, sorry if I gave that impression, once the bus comes its a 20 minute ride, then the PATH train to the city again about 20 Minutes then I can subway or walk to the office in 20 to 30 Minutes, so not to bad at all, the res to f the time is on days when I divert to go and take shots which is all good with me


Pere said...

Una imagen muy potente y con mucha fuerza. Saludos.

Kamal said...

i like the (intended?) and motion blur in this image. really shows the sense of rush.