Thursday, 15 January 2009



So I thought you might have had enough of the whole hand tool thing.

So I thought something different might be in order, although I guess this is a tool of sorts too. It's an old fisherman's tractor and as I think I've said before (often repeat myself these days) it's amazing that some of these rusty old relics continue to work. Long may they continue, I love 'em.

On another note I stumbled across a photographic competition for Hertfordshire today, running in order to raise funds for a charity. Might be fun I thought even if I've no chance of winning. I read the rules "manipulated images" are not allowed only minor edits IE resize. So if I go out, shoot a landscape with a ND grad filter that's pure photography and ok, if I don't use the filter and make a dual raw conversion or simply make a selection and adjust the sky (for instance) that's manipulated and not allowed? I wonder how they draw the line, how will they tell what has and hasn't been manipulated? This pure versus digitally enhanced argument will go on for a very long time I feel but it seems to me a little more leeway is needed these days.



Craig @ ID7 said...

Go for ir mate, if you edit the sky with a curve, claim it as a ND Grad.. You'd be very hard to tell the difference.... I am with you on this.... csj

JJ said...

Such a cool shot, and I agree with craigs comment above, how would they ever know if you edited it more than resizing, your just using an electronic ND filter is all :)

Elaine- said...

i think you should enter the contest for fun, not worry too much about the rules, coz you said you have no chance of winning, tho i don't see why, since your photography is great... love the image of the tractor btw :)

Tammie Lee said...

wonderful image. I like old things too, and if they still run all the better.
I have just returned home from the local camera club's photoshop group. But we actually talked about Lightroom tonight, which happens to be the program I use. One guy showed how he took a macro of a cattail going to seed, he focus on different parts in four images and put them all together to have a pretty much in focus image with the final result. Well I think that would not be accepted in this contest. It has been explained to me so many times: if you can do it with your digital camera but do it in an editing program it is acceptable. Ok, so maybe you know this or I am missing the point. Just chatting with you.
Again, love the image.