Friday, 9 January 2009

Untold Story

Getting back into the swing of work has been difficult this week, getting used to the routine I mean. Funny how after a few days off you get out of the habit eh?

I shot this a short while back. It makes me feel sad, he seemed lonely, deep in thought whilst staring (texting maybe). I shall never know which, as I've said before, is why I like these kind of shots.



jj said...

Even though I didnt have a break other than a day here or there, I feel the same the first full week seemed so long didnt it
this is a great candid capture I althought get a sense of loneliness in this shot, almost despair in his pose looking at hte phone as if wishing for it to ring

Elaine- said...

well it's good he was dressed in black, looks lonelier than bold colors for a shirt... it's a great shot tho!! you and bluechameleon are lucky enuff to find people dressed in black lol