Monday, 26 January 2009

Sort of Linked To......


OK I'm going to hold my hands up and say that I didn't exactly get my facts straight yesterday regarding the Zeppelin!

I was going by memory (something which one should never do when getting old) of a book I had read "Hornchurch Scramble".

Said Zeppelin was in fact part of a large raid on the night of 2nd/3rd September 1916. It was indeed caught in search lights and shot down very near to here. However there was another close by which made off and dropped it's bombs (presumably to lighten it's load) and it was these that hit the church. There does seem to be some conflict as to where the crew were buried. The book states this church, another website here states it was Potters Bar. In any case I was also wrong that the bodies were exhumed and laid to rest in Germany, in fact (according to the website) they were re-buried at Cannock Chase.

I'm going to dig around just to satisfy my curiosity and see if I can find out the truth, there must be something in the parish records.

I'm sure I've just bored you all to tears! Anyway "sort of linked to" this is our local forge, in the raid two sisters were tragically killed and were the daughters of the village Blacksmith, although the forge was sited just over the road at that time.

This is another HDR and like yesterday's I do not think the exposures were far enough apart, we live and learn by our mistakes eh?



Ilan said...

Interesting read! Good thing Elaine posted a link to your blog :)
Superb photo, the HDR is not too intrusive here, and the colors make it look very unique.
Great photoblog :)

JJ said...

I too have learnt with more age one must have less reliance on our memory, in fact i call my blackberry my memory LOL
Wonderful HDR work, havent tried to many HDR shots your inspiring me to try again

Elaine- said...

good thing :) that's coz your blog is a good thing :) i like your version of HDRI... i think i missed a zepplin post, i've been all involved in the smoking thang... love your picture, love love