Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Hand Me Downs

There was a lot of talk on the radio today about the release of the 1911 census.

I'd been wanting to have a look at this to try and piece together some of my Grandfathers life as a young boy (if they didn't charge so much I would have had a look already but that's another story).

Anyway it got me thinking about him and I remembered this plane, along with some other tools that came from his shed when my Grandmother moved house.

It was dirty, rusty and the cap iron was missing together with the front handle. I found another cap iron, rescued the blade and honed it back to a razor sharp edge (something which I find quite therapeutic), cleaned up the sole. The rest I left as is, just as he would have used. Despite the handle being missing, being only a No3 it's light enough to use without it. It's one of the best planes I own and fills me with fond memories when I use it, I shall keep it always.
Plus it's a quality, British made, tool unlike much of the rubbish around these days (there, wouldn't be right without a little gripe eh?) Feel better now ;O)



csj@id7 said...

Nice one mate, now lets see some close-ups of the shavings !! just to prove you used it!... csj

Elaine- said...

awww, you made me think of my own grandfather who died when i was a little girl, such a neat man, quietly working with his hands always... very emotive shot and words for me... it's a pity people have to die isn't it?

martie said...

Wonderful shot and great processing. My great-grandfather was a carpenter but I don't remember any of his planes looking so elegant! Well done!

JJ said...

Superb shot and processing,
it reminds me of my Dad and the woodworking tools he had and wondering what happened with them