Monday, 12 January 2009

Twixt Sea & Pine

It's another boring Monday, what's to say about it?

Well quite a bit actually. My old pal Craig (yes we share the same name to avoid confusion, or create it, not sure) has been out shooting this weekend with Dave from Chromasia which has resulted in two great images from them both today, some of the most subtle HDR's I've seen. So I encourage you to go take a look and keep checking back over the coming days because I'm sure they'll be more great stuff from them both.

As for myself, this image is from a while back (you can tell because the sun is shining). It's one that I've looked at a few times but didn't process for one reason or another. I like it but wished there was a little more clarity towards the horizon.

I've also made some enquires today regarding a possible location for shooting some new stuff. I hope it comes off as I'm itching to get my teeth into something new.



Elaine- said...

it's a beautiful shot, Craig!! i loves it

JJ said...

I think its a cool shot, love the clouds,
Good luck with arranging the location