Thursday, 29 January 2009

Young & Carefree


Another busy day and I've only time for a quick post.

I've posted this one today because it fitted the themes on lensday and photosharks this week (one being young the other ocean) so I hope you'll forgive me for posting another view of this beach?

You'll notice I restrained myself from adding a texture to this one. Actually they just didn't suit the image ;O)



Ilan said...

That's a wonderful photo. I love the way it look simply - yet very classic
Great photo :)

breathin' said...

Beautiful photo! That looks like a great beach.

JJ said...

Not only will I forgive you I will thanks you, I never tire of beautiful shots of the ocean, wish I could be near it more myself I find it the most relaxing place to be
Hope tomorrow is less busy for you

Elaine- said...

beautiful image Craig! i don't see any need to restrain ourselves as ARTISTS, bahahaha, i just called myself an artist :)