Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Remains Of The Day


It's being one of those weeks full of niggley work problems that really should be insignificant but snowball until it buggers everything right up. Perhaps it will improve tomorrow and everything will go smoothly eh? Fat chance I reckon!

I've sat here for nigh on two hours working up two images that I thought I might post today and ended up posting something completely different, go figure! I think I'd looked at them so long I just wasn't sure about them after all, probably look ok in the morning ;O)



JJ said...

Today hasnt really been niggly for me but very unproductive, watching the events of the inauguration here, almost makes me proud to be living here even if not a citizen
Not sure what your other options were of course but like the one you chose a beautiful night shot

Elaine- said...

well i like the shot you picked anyway, it amazes me how often the sky agrees with the photographer :)

Darrius said...

I like how the wall leads you to the pier. I tend to find myself letting my photos to sit much longer now before deciding that I actually think they are ok enough to post.

Elaine- said...

your 'rescue me' shot would come up for me, so i came to look at this beautiful pic again :)

Rmsnamless said...

OOH my Goddnness this are stunnign breath tking Captures of a sea i have ever seen soo damn amazing. I wish to can it too. To make so damn Gorgoeuse Photographies. Woow Love they.Thy arent cool They are Adroble=)