Sunday, 25 January 2009

Not So Easy

Not a nice day for image making today, I don't think it's stopped raining for more than ten minutes at a time.

I did however go out yesterday afternoon to shoot some frames in order to have a stab at HDR.

First I'm not sure I took exposures that were light/dark enough to really get the full effect but I had several sets to work with and thought I'd give it a try anyway. I have to concur with my friend over at id7 that it's nowhere as easy as it would seem. So I realise that HDR is almost a love/hate thing but the time and skill to construct them should still be appreciated even if not liked.

I can say that I like the tonality that I have ended up with but I could have got that with any shot I guess. I haven't achieved that HDR look with all the detail jumping out which is what I was aiming for but as I said I don't think the exposures were quite right.

As a side note this is my local Church and has quite some history a little of which is inscribed on the plaque to the left of the frame. It was actually bombed by a Zeppelin airship during the great war. Not only that but said Zeppelin was then shot down very nearby by a fighter from Hornchurch. The crews bodies were subsequently buried here before being returned to Germany some years later.

Being an old building that has also been repaired made fixing the converging verticals something of a challenge, I'm not sure there are any two lines that are parallel to each other!

So let me know what you think, at least I didn't post another textured image today-it was a close call if I'm honest ;O)



JJ said...

I think its good HDR work, but thoughts on HDR are so diverse, some like the more subtle as the eye see it approach, which i think you have achieved here and I like, some go for more over the top processing which in some cases can look amazing but isnt really my preference

Tried the Chromasia trial tutorial and quite liked it, now signed up and starting on another now, thanks for the link to it

Darrius said...

I'm not a big fan of HDR since I think most folks over use it. It doesn't feel real or timeless. However when fits with the story it can work. I like what you did. It is subtle enough that the contrast is not overdone. It seems like it could be a real scene... Nice.

Evgeny Pogorelov said...

Craig, the images here are wonderful! They all have a softness to them and always the dark skies. These are HDR then? Regardless, you are achieving an old film look quite well. Great work!

CraigM said...

Thanks all, your comments are much appreciated as always.

I think that HDR has it's place but ot's not something I'll get into in a big way. I think the subtle approach is the way forward and it will become more refined. Having said that there are subjects that suit the OTT aspects. Each to their own ;o)

JJ, glad you liked the tutorials, I've found them very helpful, I seem to have found my own particular style(s) whilst incorporating what I've learnt along the way. Dave has a technical understanding that I've not seen anywhere else.

Darrius, thanks, really enjoying your stuff at the moment too.

Evengy, thanks for stopping by. Yes this one and the post after it "Sort of Linked To" are HDR's everything else is straight shots with a little photoshop help of course.