Thursday, 8 January 2009

The Look Of.........

This is the last of these in this series that I'm going to post for fear I might just bore you all to tears!

This precedes the previous one if that makes sense and I liked this just for the look on the girls face. I'd love to know just what it was she was thinking about the guy behind the doors, we'll never know and that's one of the things I love about these sort of shots.

OH and P.S. I was voted fourth over at Photosharks for my entry in Anti so thanks to those that voted for me :O)
And placed over at Unique Exposures Challenge under the Bench theme so thanks to everyone there too!


JJ said...

I wouldnt get bored with this series at all I find it so interesting looking at the people and there expressions

Congrats on the Fourth and Placing in the contests WTG

Elaine- said...

you should get lightbox, so your pictures could pop up big without leaving the page... or maybe i told you that before lol sorry... i love the subway shots, good on yer! and congrats on the contests :)