Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Time n Motion


Another hectic "Youth Club" Wednesday and I'm beat so just a quick post tonight.

I shot this a short while back underneath the Southbank Center.

Whilst it could be classed as just a bad photograph I thought it caught a sense of speed and motion that I probably couldn't replicate if I tried.

My shutter speed was just 1/25sec at ISO 800 to give you some idea of how poor the light was!

I'm working on some other things but not enough time to complete them in time to post tonight!



Elaine- said...

i love a bad photograph!!! my fave KIND of photo actually :)

Elaine- said...

you know craig, i was thinking you should contact iLan, he comments on my blog, he uses blogger and has full sized pictures... he may be able to help you

JJ said...

sure in some way it could be classed by some as a bad photograph, but I think in difficult conditions you have captured so well the sense of motion and action

Re your comment, I can see the bridge from my office window and have for the last 5 years or more, but only really appreciated it since I got into photography, and yes i think i am lucky to have it close by and have many opportunities for a quick walk to see it from other angles

Ivar said...

I like it, it gives a great sense of motion and action.

Ilan said...

That's funny... I just read Elaine's comment, and I'm that Ilan commenting on her blog as well :)
How can I help?

CraigM said...

Many thanks all.

Ilan, first many thanks for your kind comments, it's much appreciated. You have a great blog too and I've commented over there so won't repeat them here.

Elaine is talking about getting the images to appear full sized on the post instead of the thumbnail. I see that you have managed to do this using Blogger. Are you using a custom template? Thanks in advance for any information you can give me :O)