Thursday, 4 December 2008

A Little Reminder

Whilst mooching around London on Sunday and making our way along Regent Street we found ourselves at Carnaby Street.

I wasn't purposefully looking for it, not sure I really wanted to see it, preferring to remember it how it was, with all it's Mod orientated shops and the old flea markets selling army surplus parkas etc. Striding up and down with my mates deciding how best to spend the money burning holes in our pockets, new suit, new shoes, button down shirt?

However we were there so in we went. So commercial these days. Big shiny shops from all the major fashion brands, even the Merc shop has gone up market (still cool though) but we turned a corner into Ganton Street and there was Sherrys, Mod as you like, a real blast from the past. Inside were still all the old posters, badges, autographs, photos of scooters etc, the prices however were a little different, better save your pocket money kids!

Carnaby Street? Not what it used to be, as one of the Jam's worst recordings once said (Foxton wrote that one right?).



Elaine- said...

your picture looks like a guy standing there with red polka dot panties on his head lol neat shot tho

JJ said...

I can relate to what your saying, last time I was back home in NZ, in my old home town I walked around some areas with my wife telling her what they were like before going there, and I found in most cases they had all changed so much, was kind of dissapointing

CraigM said...

Thanks for stopping by again folks.

JJ, yup things keep changing and not always (in fact most times not) for the better.

Elaine, lol, we all wear Polka Dot panties here, we're British don't ya know, dedicated followers of fashion and all that ;O)

violet said...

Red loves the stage! Like the composition - and the story.

Carolyn Ford said...

I love the red! And, I too, like the composition! And, yes, things change and frequently disappoint us but the younger folks think it is just fine...until they get older one day...I guess we take our turns being disappointed.