Sunday, 28 December 2008

Out Of Order

I've been messing around with a PC for some of today, I won't bore you with the details but how can a usb port work under DOS then disappear under Windows?

Presumably some sort of driver problem so you go to the manufacturers web site to find them. What model do you have? Don't know, well enter the serial number or part number on the case, you do that, numbers not recognised!! Packard Bell is the company in question and the support is dire in the extreme. It went on and on with seemingly random answers as you go through the process. Not looking for an answer here folks, just venting my frustration! Thankfully it's not my PC but it's another vote for MAC.

I went for a short walk yesterday, short because Tez decided it was actually a bit cold for walkies. I kept the 50mm on just for fun although I don't really intend to use it as a walk around lens but the very short DOF at f1.8 is good to play around with. Anyway I fear I may be waffling, I saw this, do you think the bench may be shut down for maintenance? Struck me as amusing in any case.



paolo said...

it's a lovely bench that's why i think it's unfair it may be shut down like this !!
nice find

Elaine- said...

hehe, there's more than ONE vote for Mac, i've had my iMac for 3 years now and there's no voting for anything else anymore! i love your bench picture, it is funny, and pretty too

JJ said...

And you know I am a keen fan of Mac since I switched, well I was using Linux instead of windows for a while because I got sick of all the driver issues

as for te bench its a very cool shot, greta use of selective coloring