Thursday, 18 December 2008

Time Warp

I jumped out of bed when the alarm went at 6.30 this morning. I woke my son for school, went in for a wash and after I was dressed, picked up my things and looked at my phone 5.10am!! ARGH the clock had changed it's own time again, now I've had the clock a long time, maybe 20 years or more but said clock is now in the bin!

Now continuing the time theme. I used to be convinced that women take a long time to go to the loo (bear with me here), always seem to be waiting ages for them. Women protest they're not so I've come to my own conclusion: It's not women taking their time but the loos themselves are in some sort of alternate reality where time moves slowly, a time warp if you will, so those inside don't notice how long they've been gone. What does this have to do with images? Whilst we were waiting (ages) I shot this!

Whilst I await the barrage of abuse I would like to point out that my tongue is firmly in my cheek ;O)



Elaine- said...

it's the hair washing in the shower, or do you mean a long time to just pee? well it takes a while to spin that toilet paper roll and gather up a mountain if TP so as not to have anything but toilet paper touching where it counts... plus in public we have to put a mountain of tp on the toilet seat just to sit down, so break please :) niiiiice pic btw

JJ said...

Cool colors in the capture, I could so join you on the comment on the time it takes woman to go to the bathroom with comments like its not so much the goin gto the bathroom, its the fine tuning the clothes, checkign makeup and hair etc afterwards that takes the time, but I will resist ( or too late to resist i guess) and say the one thing I have noticed the queues for womans toilets seem on average to always be 3 to 5 times longer than any for the mens room

CraigM said...

Thank folks, lol, the two opposing views eh? Surely the queues are a by product of the taking too long! ;O)