Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Twinkle Twinkle

This time next week I shall have finished work, not that I'm counting or anything ;O)

I said I didn't have anything that looked remotely like Christmas, I lied but not intentionally!

Walking back through this tunnel a few weeks back and we came across an exit for the V&A museum and as you looked up the stairway all you could see were these lights shining like stars. I have to admit this is a blatant crop and I had a longer shot that looked better if they had not been building a temporary ice rink in the foreground but I guess that's why the lights were there!



JJ said...

I suspect you are indeed counting the days LOL
it may be a zealous crop but is a lovely setup of lights inthe trees and well lit building

Elaine- said...

you cropped??? not that there's anything wrong with that lol.... i just hate being accused of cropping when i framed the shot that way and didn't crop... lol whatever, its a grand cheery Christmassy picture and thanks for sharing!!