Friday, 26 December 2008

Almost Over

Over already, gone in a flash and boxing day is upon us!

Travelling back from my nephew's house last night (thanks to you guys for your hospitality ;) and I played around with the camera on the journey home, I hasten to add I wasn't driving!

Now the shots I got could just be classed as bad photography but the results are rather pleasing and this one I liked in particular and you can make out the date and time so if you look closely you'll see that Christmas day was indeed almost over!

Before I get any shouts of photoshopping too far I made only very minor adjustments to this ;O) twas just a bumpy road (aren't they all).



JJ said...

I think its a very cool and colorful Abstract, Its nice to hear the term Boxing Day its not really known here and is a working day


JJ said...

Re the lensbaby, hasnt arrived yet, and I have to go out, so may miss the delivery so may get it next week

CraigM said...

Thanks JJ for your comments as always. Bummer on the lensbaby, hope you get it soon!!

JJ said...

No worries it will come on Monday, means i might be more productive over the weekend instead of playing with it LOL
will come on Monday

have a good weekend

Elaine- said...

that's my kind of picture :) i love things that don't work out, and do it perfectly! yes it's over so fast isn't it?