Monday, 26 May 2008

Away From The Grindstone

Why is it that every time I have some time off from work the weather is always abysmal? Never ceases to amaze me especially after the glorious weather we have had over the last few weeks.

Still I guess that in the grand scheme of things some people are having a real rough time and I really shouldn't be complaining.

To escape the rain today we took a trip out to a local restored mill and seeing as it's 5 minutes from my house I really should have gone before now. It was really interesting to see a water mill in action, lots of other stuff to look at too. There was demo being given, by a retired scientist of all things, on making wooden toys and jigsaws on an old treadle operated scroll saw, it was amazing to watch him work and chat to him, fascinating chap!



ID7 said...

Mate what was the exif data on that shot, was it handheld? either that or that block was spinning very fast at groin level.....!

CraigM said...

Ha! It was handheld mate, exif is;f/4 1/3 sec ISO200 & 17mm FL

In fact the block was hardly moving round, I think I was more impressed that I'd managed to hold it than the image itself!

Cheers for your comments as always ;O)