Thursday, 29 May 2008

You Talking To Me?

I spent a pleasant afternoon yesterday on an old canal boat having a cream tea and watching life pass by.

It just goes on its merry old way, nothing is rushed, everybody waves & greets you on your way and you wait whilst the lock fills or empties according to your direction of travel. There it struck me, this was the pace of life I'd been harping on about the day before, you can't rush it, it just is and will never change. Not so sure I could live my life on the water but it's food for thought. Got a few frames too that I might use.

This fellow gives me grief every day as I walk by with Tez, goes absolutely mad at us then dashes to the other end of his garden to give us some more. I was determined to capture a frame of him one day, as I lifted the camera he just stopped like he couldn't believe I was actually contemplating taking his picture. After the shutter closed he just jumped down and toddled off as if the game was up!

Anyhow this was really an exercise in processing, all done from raw using HSL/Grayscale and just a blur added afterwards. I'm quite pleased with the result and absolutely no clipping in the shadows or highlights!

As always let me know your thoughts good or bad.