Monday, 23 March 2009

Carved by Nature

I was going to have a moan about the current story of politicians and their second homes scandal today but we all knew they'd been ripping us off for years anyway eh?

I had another tone mapped image I could have posted today but as I said previously I don't want to bore you or I.

I enjoy tone mapped images, creating them and looking at them but my interests are wide and varied. In short I don't want this to turn into a blog with nothing but tone mapped or HDR images. There's nothing wrong with that, just in case I cause offence, I just want to keep things varied on my blog.

So this image would have been easy to tone map but I took a different route. I was conversing with a fellow blogger the other day about a feeling of peace and almost belonging. I love all sorts of places, I love where I live but the ocean is the place I feel most at peace. Away from the worries of frantic everyday life, work, bills etc when I get back to the sea it feels like my soul has been cleansed. That might sound twee but that's the best way I can explain it so there!! ;O)

I love the way the sea has carved this groin over the years and left these parts looking like two ankles below powerful calves. I don't think I could have ever carved this so perfectly if I tried.

So let me know what you think as always.



JJ said...

I too love being by the sea, alas I seldom get near to it here, Hope for a move later this year, and if it comes through I will be closer and able to get to the sea often so fingers crossed, as thats where I relax and deal with stress best

Super shot really shows the power of nature and captured so well

Elaine- said...

sorry, i went out for lunch while waiting for your blog to load ;) i've never seen anything like this before, and i live by the ocean... i know what you mean about feeling cleansed, i have been watching youtube vids about electromagnetic polution etc, and the earth makes us feel grounded and such, it's good for you... it's a lovely picture, Craig.. well done!!

Anonymous said...

Me too, I love the sea & would move back to Cornwall like a shot if it wasn't for commitments in the land locked counties....
again nice shot, reminds me of the vast statues in luxor.

z-vet said...

As one who born and lived by the sea i love the sea very much. Pity i can't live by the sea right now, it's great to wake up in the morning and do a good swim.
Love the shot, looks like some giant stands there.

Pere ChuliĆ” said...

Muy interesantes las formas que moldea el mar sobre la roca. Bien captada. Saludos.

sherri said...

An amazing place and beautifully processed. Very softly done.