Sunday, 8 March 2009

Just Passing Through

I'm not feeling a whole lot better it has to be said but I did manage to get a few jobs done today.

I was flicking through some raw files today, really to get rid of the stuff I knew was no good or that I knew I wouldn't use. I was also looking for something to work up and post when I came across this.

Now I didn't intend it to be this way but just as I pressed the shutter it took off in the wind. Anyway I kind of liked it this way and it struck me that it was just passing through the frame, on it's final journey to somewhere. It would find a resting place and eventually it would be food for new life somewhere continuing the circle of life. Not wanting to be morbid, it's much like ourselves, we are as individuals just a small part of the story of our planet, caretakers if you will. Not that we're making a very good job of it on the whole but I hope that we're learning how to take better care and that effort is enough and in time.

As we all scramble around worrying about the current economic situation, a system we created, which essentially involves the passing around of bits of paper and metal in exchange for goods and services. We're in a mess because of that need, drive to make more profit, produce more growth than the year before etc, essentially it's greed. People are losing their jobs which in turn leads to going cold, hungry, losing homes etc. Further from home people are dying from starvation and preventable disease. I offer no solutions, I'm as wrapped up in this system as the next person but when you mentally take a step back and look it all seems a bit ridiculous.

I'm not a great thinker and certainly not a great writer but I hope I've made sense enough above for you to get the gist of what I mean?



ID7 said...

Mate I concur. Everything you have said is in the minds of millions I am sure. In fact I think it was Billy Connolly that said, why can't they just print more money. Problem Gone.
Its almost as if we just started giving things away, then everyones issues would be sorted. I mean let everyone have what they want for a month, and then stop. People will have saved cash, got some new gadgets, will feel inspired to pick themselves up and start spending again. It might be a shallow view, but when you know that you came into this world with nothing, and you leave with nothing, then surely everything inbetween is just material. Seems a shame that we are all tied to a noose for the best part of our lives, and then we die. If you ever get a chance to watch the first 20mins of A BEE MOVIE - PIXAR it kinda sums it all up...... in a child like simplistic fashion..... CSJ

Elaine- said...

i was watching some show and it was an experiment, to give $100,000 dollars to a homeless man and see how he did, well he was back on the streets in no time, i think there must be some headspace to having money, almost a mystical thing, you know? i know we are just passing thru, i hope the world to come solves all out problems, and that it would hurry up and get here!

Pere ChuliĆ” said...

Buen juego de texturas. Saludos.

JJ said...

Firstly I like the effect of the movement of the leave and its a great shot for the lead in to your words which I fully agree with, what I fined totally absurd about this current financial mess is the fact most of the mess is not about money being lost or misused but people basically speculating on piece f paper which at root value has no or negative value - Simply Bizarre and all caused by greed

Fever is peaking today should hopefully be gone by tomorrow. thanks for asking

Ilan said...

It's not only greed.
It's stupidity. Shortsighted planing. Blind trust.
There are just so many variables that caused this but in the long run, when looking at "cold" numbers, this crisis it good to the economy. It "cleans the system" (from people like Madoff for example)

Interesting photo, fits the mood.