Monday, 9 March 2009

Love Shack

Still not feeling 100% but I hope that it's on it's way out of my system.

On top of that yesterday's thinking wore me out, I can only manage that once per week I reckon, I'm getting on you know ;O)

I was having a read through the latest tutorial over at Chromasia which covers creating an HDR from a single file so I thought I'd give it a go. I must admit I haven't finished reading yet but I'm forever impatient. Anyway if you hate HDR then you're going to hate this too but I have to say that I'm quite pleased with the way it looks. I'd tried working with the image as I normally would and it was just dull.

The shack itself is down the lanes next to a pub, there used to be horses in this small field but it went out of use, got overgrown and the shack fell into disrepair. It looks as though something is happening now though and judging by the way the rotten stuff has been carefully removed perhaps they're repairing it. So the title today is bitter sweet; I love old stuff that gets saved and repaired but the "Love Shack" song by the B-52's has to be my all time most disliked song!

So let me know your thoughts, good or bad, everything helps!



Ilan said...

I love the result!
It looks like that shack has an inner light source, which makes it kind of romantic :)
Great result

JJ said...

I really like the work you have done here, HDR but not overdone
I actually just asked one of my contacts on flickr about one shot HDR processing so will have to check out the Chromasia tutorial

Glad your feeling better, I thought I was this morning and went to work, but was worse than ever by midday and came home and slept

I must check out twitter again I created an account once but never really used it

Elaine- said...

i think this is great!! but then again i LIKE HDR! I'm just too lazy to do it usually... but i also like the song :) good to hear you are feeling better, and i didn't make up the game lol