Thursday, 12 March 2009

Twisted Business

You know what? Today wasn't too bad, how many times do you hear me say that?

I think this bug is finally leaving my system and not before time. Work was ok, seemed to get stuff moving forward on all fronts and somehow I didn't have to go grocery shopping, so all in all a result ;O)

This is another shot from a series that I took of the redevelopment in the industrial area of my old home town. I didn't set out with the intention of adding the textured layers but once I tried them they seemed to help convey the mood I was after. The remains of industry, all those jobs lost, people's future transformed through no fault of their own. You can see a straight version here, let me know what you think about both versions, I like to get the feedback on what you think works and doesn't.



Elaine- said...

i agree the texture works, much more of an ominous feel to it, than the happy sky in the one without it... dig the shot!! and yes, thankfully my husband was only sick for one day!

JJ said...

I to agree the texture works here brilliantly, you got the mood of despair and loss spot on

Glad today was a good day for you, mie was good also starting to feel closer to 100%

z-vet said...

Wow, that's amazing!
I definitely prefer this version over the straight which is, IMO, a bit boring. Texture works very well here and makes this image really unique and very stylish. Good work!