Wednesday, 25 March 2009

The Lost Gardens

Another Wednesday so it's been youth club tonight, still not many more until the summer break and then I can get out walking with my dog and my camera, looking forward to that :-)

Not far from my house in the middle of a farmers field there's a small copse of trees, if you venture inside and climb the small bank you'll find this. It's what remains of part of a garden and a swimming pool and a strange shaped pool at that. don't actually know what house it belonged to (because I haven't asked as I'm sure I could find out) and it's not really that old as I have a photograph of it being built (not one of mine, I'm not that old ;-) I shall have to ask some questions about it.

I'm not sure if this actually works. It is tone mapped and I like the tonality of the pool but I think maybe the whole thing is too busy. It's actually a very old raw file that I hadn't worked on, perhaps I should go back with my tripod and try again?

Let me know what you think.



Elaine- said...

that's weird llol i've never seen anything like it! an old swimming pool... i've never thought of one being abandoned i guess, i don't think it's too busy, makes the pool look ornate or something... neat shot!!

JJ said...

Such an apt title for this such an interesting place, and superbly captured and processed, Love this shot

As for the color sin the shots, they can change from day to day, it amazes me each time I go to that point

Pere Chuliá said...

Me parece una composición muy interesante, pero creo que el procesado crea algo de confusión por la excesiva información que proporciona. En cualquier caso es un buen trabajo.