Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Time's A Wasting

Something really got at me today but then something usually does eh?

It was the story that I'm sure many of you heard about taking people who'd lost their jobs, the example being used was bankers, and training them to be teachers. The reason being that these people have "Life Experience" and they are intending to fast track them through training in as little as six months.

I think that's insulting. I think it's insulting to all those that have studied hard and trained for this vocation. Perhaps I'm biased, my wife works in a school and my son's partner is just coming to the end of two years at university to get her degree and still has much further to go in training once she finds a teaching job. So you could call that biased but it's also an insight as to what is involved to become a teacher.

I presume that we're also going to pay for the training as taxpayers. In my opinion the whole thing stinks folks and from what I heard on the radio today many teachers do too. If I decided tomorrow that I would like to teach it would take me at least three years, full time, to get qualified. If I wished to continue working at the same time it would take longer. I don't think there's any danger of me doing that but does that seem right to you?

So images, that's what this blog is all about ;O)

This is another pseudo HDR from a single file. Another that I was torn between colour and B&W with the latter just winning it over for me. You can see the colour version here if you wish. It wasn't the ideal image to start with because there was some minor highlight clipping but I liked the result all the same. I have noticed something seems to be lost in uploading. I was quite happy with yesterday's when looking at it from my hard drive but it seemed a little flat when viewed online, it had lost a little bite as it were, strange, any thoughts on that?

Side note; as I've just added the image I noticed banding in the sky, that's not present on the original, proof to me at least that something changes.

So let me know your thoughts on this, good, bad or ugly.



JJ said...

Now I could really rant on about your thoughts today, but will keep it concise, yes I fully agree that this idea is insulting to teachers, and secondly, I am intrigued as to why this special effort is made for bankers, a lot of the current crisis comes down to greed in the banking community

Enough said will stop here ;)

Elaine- said...

i noticed i had banding in the sky on a shot i had uploaded once, but then i hit refresh and it was gone, maybe a picture is displayed slightly differently each time, not comforting i know, but it's a theory... also i would be outraged if i was a teacher!! that's horrible.. i do like your picture and it doesn't look at all like an HDR, if you are using photomatix i could toss you a tutorial that gives settings :)


I agree entirely, Craig.As soon as it was announced, my blood began to boil.

A superb photograph that really works well with the processing. AS always a great post today

paolo said...

great work, very nice tones!

Christopher said...

I like the tones here. I am still on the fence with HDR. I think there are a lot of possibilities, but most people push it too far.