Friday, 20 March 2009

Ground Level

Another beautiful spring day eh?

So no complaining about the weather but never fear I have a back up plan! I need some ink for my printer. I don't print a lot but it's annoying not to be able to, plus the printer is on the network and therefore gets used for homework, vouchers etc. I do print images occasionally, stuff for family etc, if I want to frame anything or of course want anything bigger than A4 then I use a lab which I'm sure works out cheaper anyway and that's my point. Printer ink seems to be one of those things that's actually increased in price, cartridges that were costing £6 or so are now over £10 even from discount places on the internet. To replace four inks would cost approx £54 whilst a new printer of the same spec and maker is £86, now come on folks that's just not right is it?

I read somewhere a while back that ink was worth more than gold gram for gram and I believe it. It just seems to be the norm, you've bought the machine so we're going to stiff you on the consumables. I wonder where it will end? Will we continue to put up with it or will they finally feel the pinch and bring the prices down for a product that must cost only pennies to produce (especially those without a print head attached, which mine are)?

So onto the image then. I did tone map this but again just to balance the image as masking off to bring back the detail in the sky would have been nigh on impossible. As I've said before trying to straighten this church up is impossible and it's not lens distortion either, it's just not straight in the first place but that's part of it's charm I guess.



Elaine- said...

ahh a crooked church, they seem to be everywhere these days... yeah i don't even have a printer, i had one once, but my husband wouldn't buy the ink for me lol so i know what you mean... i love love this shot, your settings are so much better than mine, fess up lol

JJ said...

Love this shot even if the church is crooked i agree it adds to the charm, and the point of view here is wonderful

The price of Ink is ridiculous indeed I just dont understand it

And indeed I think you are one of the few who noticed the other stars in the shot

Pere Chuliá said...

Me gusta la imagen y el punto de vista tan bajo, casi a ras del suelo, como tú mismo has dicho en el título de la foto.
Apoyo totalmente tu comentario sobre el coste excesivo de los recambios de tinta. En algunos casos llegan a superar el coste de una impresora nueva. Todo un abuso.

Nukke said...

So beautiful, nice ankle !!! Like from a horror movie, nice atmosphere !!! I really like this pic :)