Thursday, 19 March 2009

The One That Got Away?

Ok no moaning tonight :O)

Seriously I've had a real busy day and I'm whacked.

I shot this last summer, I was walking around the golf course late one evening (no I wasn't playing, I was walking Tez) and I heard this big splash in one of the lakes. There are some big fish in there but this was all I saw. I find it calming.



z-vet said...

Great shot, beautiful colors.

JJ said...

Gorgeous colors in this shot,
I wonder was it a fish or someone sliced there shot

Elaine- said...

you spoil those fish :P lovely shot with a beautiful light reflection! have sweet dreams

Ilan said...

Amazing colors here, looks like an oil painting almost.

Pere Chuliá said...

Es una imagen muy pictórica. Los reflejos del cielo sobre el agua son bellísimos. La tonalidad cálida es preciosa.