Monday, 30 March 2009

Raising The Level

So I've been absent for the last few days, did you miss me? Did you notice might be more appropriate!

I needed a break, posting every day since October had taken over and left me feeling that I simply HAD to post so I forced myself to take a few days off and feel better for it. I didn't stop taking pictures mind you, or visiting your blogs, although I might not have left a comment I was still looking ;O)

The thing is I really enjoy images, taking them, processing, blogging and looking at others work too. If I have to back off every now and then to keep that enjoyment then that's what I have to do but I'll try not to do it too often.

There's also a feeling that I need to better myself every time, which in theory isn't a bad thing but in reality there will always be some images that are better than others. There will always be some that I hate a few days (minutes?) later. So I guess all I can do is try to improve overall.

So with all that said here's a real old one that I'd not processed before and looked at over the weekend. Let me know your thoughts as always.



@ID7 said...

I here ya mate!!. And I'm having a BIG OL timeout again. Still really frustrated by filing system. And home setup. But hell nothing in life is perfect. This image works for me, its a difficult one to balance in the viewfinder in as much as if you'd centralized the frame the balance would have been wrong. For my old eyes anyway. CJ

Elaine- said...

oh my time off will probably be much longer than yours lol when i get burnt out it takes me a while to recover.. i'm glad to see you back, and with such a great image!! i love the detail, it almost looks abstract :) cheers

JJ said...

Firstly yes I did miss you, I always look forward to seeing what you have for us each day, and I can relate to needing to take a break to keep the enjoyment and motivation going, I did it myself recently not so much with posting, but with shooting, I was in a rut and taking garbage shots, so I left the camera alone for a week, was hard, but when I had it back in hand a week later I felt the motivation to look for new and interesting shots was back

As for your shot today, wow love it, spectacular detail

Christopher said...

Sometimes I think we try too hard to post every day. We should post when we are ready to post. If we don't feel like it and do, our works just like that. Garbage.

And BTW, love the textures in this post. Very cool.

Briony said...

this is an awesome shot...i love the water breaking through and i second chris the texture is rockin!

Fresh Mommy said...

This is a sweet shot!! The color and the texture that come though are amazing!! Great work!


Ilan said...

You asked once how other post and I advised to consider posting three-four times a week. Not only you won't feel forced to do so, but you'll have more material to post. Deeper maybe.
The photos is about to burst. Just like you? :)

Nukke said...

Beautiful colours in pic ! Soon will empty be full too.