Friday, 6 March 2009


First thanks to those that responded yesterday in comments and by other methods, I appreciated all of your thought and insights. For those that said they'd miss my nutty ramblings every day, thank you, I really was touched.

I don't have much moaning to do today but I'm sure something will turn up for tomorrow so never fear ;O)

Photo Friday theme this week is "Isolation" and I guess you can interpret that in many ways if you think about it enough. From an isolated subject, such as yesterday's post, to an isolated object/person in the middle of nowhere etc, you get the picture.....

Anyway I've been pondering on it all day and I had one that I thought would fit the bill and this isn't it! I came across this whilst flicking through, it is isolated in the sky but not only that I thought it represented a time when we stood alone and as you know my weakness for nostalgia and aircraft it seemed an obvious choice. I'd already processed it but wasn't too keen on the colour so I opened up the raw file and gave it another bash. It's OTT I know but I like it and think it conveys what I wanted it to. The reason I took the shot in the first place? Well my lens isn't long enough (about the only thing I miss about the old Fuji) so though I'd go for a silhouette look instead.

Oh and I'm presuming that you all know it's a Spitfire, which of course you might not, well it is ;O)



Anonymous said...

Amazing picture! And un intentionaly i am addicted to your random ramblings, how do i sign up to this eh?! Love and kisses jackary x

Elaine- said...

well you know me and i LOVE the processing, i think it's very dramatic and makes the little plane look very powerful as it climbs the sky :)

JJ said...

I really like the processing here a very dramatc shot and to me it shows the sense of isolation very well

I may not be able to recognize many planes but a spitfire I can

have a good weekend

Ivar said...

Great image, the silhouette of the plane against the dramatic sky is perfect. Nice

Kilauea Poetry said...

Ah, this is so neat...glad I stopped by!

Nicki said...

WoW - the plains seems to be a bird in this great sky. Wonderfull! ^^