Saturday, 28 February 2009

Damn Right It Is!

I'm halfway through a bottle of white and I can hear it calling me so I'd best hurry ;O)

I worked this morning as usual. After lunch I scrubbed up and went to see a potential new customer (isn't that more work?). Anyway that looks quite hopeful I think and in my support of local business if you need any arts & crafts materials or indeed wish to buy some original art and of course if you're local (does help) check out Ace Arts. They seem well stock and competitively priced.

Anyway I digress as usual. After that we took a wander round the industrial area to see if there was anything worth pointing my camera at and there was a couple of things of which this is one. It just struck me as funny, as if lunch was the most important part of the day. Perhaps it is?



dogilicious said...

1 hour for lunch? That is important!

Elaine- said...

i can see where it would have terrrrrible consequences if people weren't there.. fun shot!

Ilan said...

Are you kidding? Of course it's important. Lunch signs the middle of the day. Morning is counted till launch. After that - only a few hours at the office and - straight home :)