Monday, 16 February 2009

Silk Cycles

I'm late posting again, shock horror! We've been out for a meal with some friends (thanks to you folks for a nice evening :)

So I mentioned yesterday that I'd been back to Duxford. They've opened a new part of the museum dedicated to airborne assault. I have a family tie with this so it was of particular interest to me. They had some really great displays of the massive amount of equipment that had either been designed or adapted to be dropped from the skies including bicycles.

As a side note I can't seem to get away from these textures. The whole process really does appeal to me plus I thought they really suited this one and added to that old time feel. Let me know if you agree or not?



Elaine- said...

i love textures, no matter what, i did one of my dog where the texture was more prominent than the dog lol but i still kept it... i like this picture, i thought the bicycle seat was a bird until you mentioned :)