Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Waiting For The Return

Last week I was moaning (rare for me I know) about the freezing conditions, icy roads, snow etc. Today has been up to 13ºC, this country really does have some crackers weather, you wait, we'll have days in August that only get up to that.

So following on from yesterday's theme then. I was chatting to a chap that was dressed up in USAAF Red Cross uniform and he was telling me about the red cross staff that would be based on every airfield and waiting for the crews to (hopefully) return from a mission. They'd drive out to the hardstand and meet the crews as they exited the aircraft, check for wounded needing attention and serve them up with hot sweet tea/coffee and a jam doughnut. Of course the photographer would be there too. This chap's son was dressed as the photographer and had a collection of beautiful vintage cameras, all of which were in perfect working order and he uses them (although I did notice him clicking away later on a D-SLR too).

It brought back memories of school. The excitement of developing the film, seeing what you'd got and finally watching the print develop in the tray. I love my digital camera but there's something to be said for the darkroom still I think.


Elaine- said...

i missed film for along time and refused to convert to digital until they made me some gooood cameras, but i must say i'm all in now... great shot my friend