Monday, 23 February 2009

The Mirror Never Lies

So I'm off to Focus on Imaging tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it. I might not be able to buy all the latest goodies but it's good to have a drool :O)

This is from the same set as the last two posts. The company in question this time is Roche, or at least what's left of it. As far as I understand it the building behind is not owned by Tesco, a small L shaped section of the site is owned by another developer and that building is for rent at the time of writing (sounds like I'm trying to sell it!!).

I was in a real dilemma with this shot. Colour or B&W and should I crop it or not? I decided on B&W (obviously) and I haven't cropped it because I liked all the rubbish in the foreground. You can see the colour version here if you wish to see it. I wondered about cropping the left section (up to the where the mirrored windows start) and a small amount of sky. It was the reflection I was drawn to but because my longest lens doesn't reach that far and I was pressed up against the railings this was the best I could do without including distracting elements on the right. So there you have it, all my excuses ;O)

The title? Well if you stand head on to this building from the road you probably wouldn't realise that all that devastation was at the rear. I suspect it will be gone for good very soon.

I may not get to post or comment tomorrow depending on when I get back so I beg your forgiveness in advance!



JJ said...

I am a huge fan of reflection shots, and this is a superb one
I looked at the color one, and its a tough call but I think I lean slightly for the B&W version
As for cropping I like the mish mash of tangled rubbish in the bottom left corner and think it would be a shame to crop it out

Elaine- said...

there's something disturbing about that reflection, like a horror movie face melting :) neat shot

Ilan said...

I prefer it in black and white.
There is drama that is missing in color.
Great reflection, very surreal kind. :)

csj said...

I think I like this one out of the two, it gives more context, but then there is something nice about the crop aswell. uhm.... I'm torn. Maybe the crop in B&W? or run halfway up that pile to the right, lay down and get a 16:9 of the whole glass?...uhm.... tricky one