Friday, 6 February 2009

Better Late Than Never

More snow, more to come, bored now already lol

This is one of those portraits from Remembrance Sunday that I said I would post but never did. I must admit I felt a bit odd taking these shots in case someone thought it lacked respect. In fact, in my mind, it was quite the opposite. I wanted to capture the sombre mood of the day because I think it's important. Despite the fact this is side on I caught the mood well I thought.

If you agree or don't let me know as always.



Elaine- said...

yes, it's obvious that something serious is going on... i think it's an excellent street type shot, well done you!!

JJ said...

I think its important to capture the emotions of the people at remembrance days, so I do truly believe it is respectful
Its a wonderful capture of him there full of emotion