Saturday, 14 February 2009

Sir Valentines?

So, Valentines day eh? A time for lovers everywhere but it's so girly, pink n fluffy.

So I thought I might redress the balance and bring you a bloke's version today, just a bit of tongue in cheek fun you understand ;O)



csj @ID7 said...

That is seriously well observed. I don't know whats sadder though, the fact that either at some point you noticed this and thought romantically, or that you went out of your way to try and create the heart with things you love.....? haha It made me smile though, excellent blog..... csj

Elaine- said...

i hope you set it up, very romantic, esp if it came with chocolates :)

Pere ChuliĆ” said...

Original y divertido. Saludos.

Ilan said...

That's lovely :)
I've seen something similar done with a ring.
The processing here is cool. Funny "background" for that heart :)

Nukke said...

Nice metallic, manly pic !

kersta said...

so nice! :)