Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Last Thought

I know I've probably banged on about the weather for over a week and how bad, in turn, that has made the roads.

I have to keep going I'm afraid, they were at their worst this morning, the ice was everywhere after the rainfall combined with the melting snow. I don't think there was a city/town/village in my area at least that did not have multiple roads closed due to accidents, I passed a huge whole in a wall down the lane where someone had hit it this morning and hard too.

On Saturday afternoon I was returning home at around 5.30pm and came across a grit/salt spreading truck at the bottom of our hill here. Lights a flashing as he sped up the hill, he was still travelling at 50mph plus as he passed through the 30mph sign. Probably desperate to make our roads safe eh? Pity he hadn't actually switched the damn thing on then because not a thing was being spread. Is this a ploy to think we're getting good service for our money? Just send them out so people see them flashing their lights. We seem to get less & less service for our ever increasing taxes.

Rant over (for today anyway). Today's is the other of the two portraits I had but never posted. I think I prefer this one, not least because it's a bit less of a profile but I preferred the tone of the first one.



Elaine- said...

i like this, very candid, reminds me of a shot i took of an old man blowing his nose on a street corner... fun fun, anyway, i like the shot!

Ilan said...

Great portrait, I enjoyed his hat's pattern - Almost hypnotizing :)