Tuesday, 24 February 2009

If I Could Have

What a great day. I took the day off today, this prompted the question from both of my sons "Who are you and what have you done with my father?". It is unusual I have to say but I had the chance to go to the Focus on Imaging show at the NEC and meet up with my old pal Craig from id7 and some of his friends too.

It was great to have a look round at all the goodies, play with some of the latest gear and generally have a chat, a coffee & catch up.

So I am posting today but it's a bit of a cop out. This is a heavily cropped version of yesterday's post. This would have been the shot (roughly speaking) that I would like to have got if I had a lens that was long enough. I didn't post it like this yesterday because I always feel like I'm cheating by cropping so hard, let me know your thoughts on that? I've set my sights on a lens that I would like and whilst there are far cheaper models out there I know they won't do what I want so I'll hold out for it, may be a while until I can afford it but hey I'll appreciate it more right?

So I'm signing off, if I didn't get around to your blog today I'm sorry but I'm beat and I'm off to put my feet up.



JJ said...

I to prefer not to crop to heavily but sometimes we just have to make do with what we have,
I am a huge fan of reflection shots and this is a superb one, the reflected building looks like its from a war zone, remind same of some of the buildings I saw in the Balkans

Elaine- said...

well crop is as crop does... i think it's cool.. looks like you are being invaded by the borg lol what was your treat? the day off and the show?

kari said...

cheating by cropping too much? i think that is an arbitrary purist rule. make art, don't limit yourself. i love this, looks like a melevolent owl.

Ilan said...

That reflection almost looks like a face.
One of the Transformers maybe? Or the Terminator?
Great! :)