Friday, 20 February 2009

Morning Routine

Another Friday already but I still have work in the morning. It's a love/hate thing overtime. I hate going but, well I was going to say love, need the money! Catch 22, it's the best there is folks!

So Photo Friday this week is "Morning Routine" and I thought I probably wouldn't post there this week. I don't have any photos of me in the shower/brushing my teeth etc and hell if I did you really wouldn't want to see them!!

The old grey matter was ticking away, pondering tonight's post when I remembered this raw file. This little girl is waiting on my workshop window sill when I get to work every morning, waiting for her handful of nuts for breakfast so she is indeed part of my morning routine. You might not like them but I love animals and these little critters are full of character, rodents with attitude I always say! So anyway I thought I'd post this for a little fun today, I know it's not a great photo and it's through glass to boot but it fits the bill and makes me smile. Normal service resumes tomorrow ;O)



JJ said...

What a cool part of your normal routine, such a cute little feller

Elaine- said...

awww what a cutie!!! we used to have a squirrel that came and hung off the screen of our front door, till we gave her peanuts.. one day i was flicking at the screen and she got made and tore a hole in the screen, temper temper them guys

Pere ChuliĆ” said...

Una imagen muy simpƔtica. Buen retrato, jeje. Saludos.