Sunday, 8 February 2009

Broken Gate

I haven't done a whole lot today.

I've pretty much sat around drinking tea and eating toast, it's what Sundays are for right?

I did go out for a walk this afternoon with Tez, my little fat friend. Plenty of snow still around but plenty of mud and slush too so we were both more than a little dirty when we got back home. Never mind, it was a nice walk and along with some other stuff I shot the above.

Let me know what you think as always ;-)



Suzy said...

Ilike this shot,the gate to the left adds alot.

@ID7 said...

Do you know what, you could have used TEZ in this one mate, he should have been running into the composition towards those rolling black clouds. The gate leads your eye in, and the cloud line draws your eye across the scene, and then I'm looking for TEZ..... where is he...... where is he..... TELL ME.... its like wheres Wally!!!! ;-)

Elaine- said...

is it another HDR? coz i really love the dramatic processing and a pretty scene all around, glad you had a good time with your fat friend lol

CraigM said...

Thanks folks.

@ID7 yup you're right, lacks a focus point, I thought so myself but I liked the gate so much....& Tez chases cars, letting him loose next to the road, not a great idea lol, cheers pal ;-)

Elaine, no it's not HDR but I did process twice, once for the foreground and then again for the sky, then blended together.

Lynne's Somewhat Invented Life said...

I love the gate and the slushy stuff. Did you take a close up of the gate post, it is pretty interesting, too.

Ilan said...

That's awesome. There is actually a feeling of coming out (through that gate) to the snow. Fantastic image!

Nancy Bea Miller said...

Stunning shot! What I call "everday dramatic"...beautifully done .