Thursday, 5 February 2009

Wait Until Spring


Remember my moaning the other day about people using mobiles at the wheel? I can top it, using your mobile whilst driving and then overtaking in the snow, I kid you not!

Another snow shot today. I tried all sorts on this and then decided that it looked fine just as it is, straight B&W. I did think about cropping to a sqaure thus removing the crane on the right, what do you think?

I can recommend the pub but I'd wait until spring or at least a thaw before you venture down the single track lane to get to it! We had more snow last night with still more forecast this evening, we're just not used to this!



El cuartoscuro said...

Hello, thank you very much for your comment on my blog.
Excellent photo, congratulations, a hug from Argentina.

Ilan said...

Seems the bad weather won't keep you at home. And it's good for us! Love the winter here, and your text made me wanna just catch a plane for a short visit :)

Elaine- said...

hey there's ilan!! lovely photo, and a square crop would have made it cute, but it's great just how it is :) oh and thanks, i think you're the only one who noticed my redesign lol

JJ said...

Some people are idiots arent they, sounds like the kind of driving that is an accident waiting to happen.

I think its a great shot as posted, but the square crop may work well also

Thanks for the comment on mine, appreciate any tips I can get and must check out noise ninja, and please feel free to give critique anytime I appreciate it and dont get upset easy :)

Crap Elvis said...

fantastic photo! looks like something out of Dickens story

CraigM said...

Thanks everyone, you seem to be enjoying the snow more than we are!

Matt, I knew it reminded me of something and you're right, Dickens!! Thanks for stopping by ;O)