Saturday, 7 February 2009

Almost Grown


A very quick post as we're off out shortly

I was in town this afternoon, just as we were leaving and paying for parking a pigeon was run over. The driver could see it but just drove on over it anyway, I watched it gasp for life and lose as I was helpless to do anything. There will be some that will say "So what? It's just a pigeon" it just was so unnecessary and I found it very distressing.

None of that has anything to do with today's image. A reminder that my youngest son's feet are almost as big as my own (looks bigger in this in fact). I don't think he'll be borrowing my shoes, not his style thankfully ;O)



Elaine- said...

actually i'm haunted by a memory of a pigeon getting run over, the car in front of me put it's brakes on when it saw the bird fly down in front of his car, and he inched forward, and i saw, as he turned the corner, his front wheel roll over the bird, and the bird stumble into the gutter, one of those horrific memories for me, i love animals too much...

JJ said...

That would have distressed me as well, dont the years just fly by and your kids grow so fast, sometime sit catches you by suprise where all the years have gone
I gather your shoes are the one with the stars (just kidding)

Joseph Ellis said...

Such a sad story. :( I've almost been in accidents while trying to avoid small animals in the roadway - I'll do anything to not hit them.

Anyway - wonderful photograph. I love the texture and mood of the image.