Thursday, 12 February 2009

Curves Adjustment

I won't bang on about the weather tonight then, I think I said enough yesterday-except this-someone else has gone off into that wall, now said wall is in the road and as I type the road has been closed as more snow falls!

I'm pretty late posting this evening so I won't waffle (phew did I hear you say?) but I thought the title was apt for the building and if I had to choose a PS tool I could least do without it'd be the curves tool, a versatile little bugger it is ;O)



Elaine- said...

i've been fairly texture free for the last bit i think, i may have a problem too, we should start a texturizers anonymous group... btw i love love the sky in this picture!! the real sky and the reflected sky, lovely!!! stunning colours!!!

Ilan said...

Wow! That's very good! Those windows are resonate/reflects the skies - kinda nature VS human creation kinda of photo. Love it!