Sunday, 15 February 2009

Don't Look Down

First thanks to all those that left comments on yesterday's post or sent messages via Twitter etc to say how much they enjoyed it. It's always great to know that someone else enjoyed looking.

We popped up to Duxford today (you'll have realised by now I go quite often). They had a lot of folk up there today with various displays in connection with the American forces over here in the 40's. It was really interesting and they all really looked the part wearing period uniforms from all areas of service as well as a whole multitude of equipment including some beautiful cameras and 40's dancing too!

The light was low making photography difficult to say the least. My wife got some great posed shots of various people but I prefer things a bit candid, not sure I got much. Anyhow I haven't really had time to get through them this evening so you've got this kinda abstract shot because it was the simplest to work on, how lazy am I today?



Elaine- said...

she was probably reaching for a cig or a coffee as it was outside starbucks... now on to your photo, it's just too perfect lol that's my only complaint with it, it's just too durned good!!!