Sunday, 1 February 2009

All Thrown In


Well a pretty good day, cooked a roast dinner, went for a freezing walk with Tez. Spot of shopping and drove back home in a blizzard which thankfully has eased off, we've only a dusting up here. I took a few frames whilst out walking but haven't had a chance to look at them properly yet.

This image, I'll admit, is pretty over the top. It's a seven frame, tone mapped, HDR with no less than six textured layers thrown in for good measure but I really like the result and think perhaps it wouldn't look out of place in the Parish archives. As with the post a couple of days ago you can see the straight (selective colour adjusted) version here.

There is something about this church, especially from this angle, that just doesn't sit right. I'm pretty sure that the tower is listing to the left, no matter how you try and straighten the image something is always out of line. Ho hum, can't be helped I hope you like it anyway?

It's below freezing here tonight with the prospect of much more snow, if you believe the weather man, so I'm off to curl up in front of the fire with a book ;O)



@ID7 said...

I especially like the see-through alien spider from hell, hanging to the right of the steeple.... csj ;-)

Elaine- said...

just gorgeous!! all the work was definately worth it!! what a beautiful church to start with!

JJ said...

I think you have done brilliantly with the processing a very vintage feel to it
we actually had one of our warmest day for a while, was nice to get out with wife to the mall and for a little walk :)

Lola M. said...

Well, I like how over-the-top worked here, very nice image.