Monday, 2 February 2009

Snow Day!!


Well it did indeed continue to snow and we woke up to a fair few inches of it here.

As usual our country ground to a halt almost, many people not going into work and schools all across the county were shut. That pleased the 1/2 of my household as my youngest son is still at school and my wife works in one so they had the day off, indeed tomorrow too! Public transport was and still is in chaos with more snow forecast, it's snowing right now.

I walked out early this morning to check the roads, of course I took my camera and had a little walk round the village too. Well wouldn't want to miss an opportunity eh? This was just something I saw and thought it summed up the day. I took some nice ones of the church but thought you might be bored with that by now! Anyway I braved the snow and went to work, so did my elder son. I did leave a little early this evening though, I've been caught out before in rush hour snow and my ten minute journey took me four hours the last time!



Elaine- said...

the groundhog saw his shadow this morning, so it's six more weeks of winter for us lol nice snow scene i get the feeling of hunkering down in front of the fire at home..

JJ said...

We had a nice day here actually, sun was shining for the morning, but more snow coming in tonight and tomorrow, I have had enough it can go away now LOL

Ilan said...

Without reading your text, I tried to imagine what am I seeing here.

Doesn't look, a bit, as a closed military base? Why is it closed? What equipment and secrets you can find in an abandoned base?

Well, now I'll go read your text, and maybe the mystery will be solved :)