Thursday, 2 April 2009

Try & Try Again

You know I've hardly slept for three or four nights in a row (I'm so tired I can't remember how many). That bug I had left me with one of those irritating coughs that start up every time you lay your head down. I'm just whinging of course, there are people far worse off that don't moan about their lot.

I've posted a very very similar shot to this before. I worked on this one over the weekend not really intending to post it. I opened it back up this evening and tweaked a couple of things and saved it, whilst doing so I looked at the older one, it was pretty awful now I look back. Do any of you do that? Post something then look back and wonder what you were thinking? I do, quite a bit!

So I thought this one worked out ok, you can see the completely uninteresting original here of today's shot.

You honest thoughts and opinions are welcome as always.



JJ said...

Hope you get some good sleep tonight, a few nights bad sleep can be so debilitating

As for posting shots and looking later and not liking them, I often to do

I really like the processing here, has really brought out the wonderful details in this shot

John Maslowski said...

Stunning image, excellent post processing. I just love the perspective and the details. Excellent work. And yes I do the same thing. So what I try to do now, when I'm ready to post an image, I wait until the next day. Sure enough, 90% of the time, there is something I tweak again.

Elaine- said...

no, i don't do that lol never look back, good days ahead! tho i do have a photoblog full of pictures that i have forgotten, except the one with the heroin addict, i remember THAT one! I think this picture of yours is totally beautiful... well done my friend!! you can bug me thru facebook if you want to :) i don't mind, i don't want to be forgotten in my absence! I"m sorry you have had no sleep, i hate those kinds of coughs, of course people have it worse, but it's the little things isn't it? lol

Andy said...

Great processing! Makes the seaweed look ancient and the clouds are very dramatic!

Ilan said...

I think it's a great result.
I love the way those planks lead the eye to the center and then we get the strange looking pole in the middle.
Great frame, I'm not complaining :)

Briony said...

I have a question...this is HDR post processing right? How do you do this? The images always look amazing and I have yet to figure out the trick to it.

CraigM said...

Thanks everyone, the fact that you stopped by means a lot.

Ilan; Thanks, that strange pole is there to show the end of the water breaker at high tide.

Briony; it's a psuedo HDR, IE it's a tone mapped single RAW file. Drop me a line if you wish to know more detail.

Tammy-Cricket said...

I haven't played around much with HDR but it is on my list of things to try. This is a fantastic both ways. I actually do like the original.

Get some sleep. I was feeling the same way earlier this week and this morning I was able to get a 5 hour nap. Yep...never in my life have I slept that long with a nap. I don't even like naps.

I hope you got some rest.