Friday, 17 April 2009


So there I was, just minding my own business, having a day out. I look up and this guy's pointing a camera at me! I mean the cheek of it, you can't just go pointing your camera at anyone you like you know, the audacity!

My tongue is firmly in my cheek of course and I couldn't resist seeing who was quickest on the draw, I mean shutter. I wonder If I'm on his blog? lol ;-)

This image means nothing other than it made me smile and if it raises a smile with you too then that's all the better.



Tammy-Cricket said...

Oh this is great! Those of us that are prepared never miss that shot!

Have a great weekend!

paolo said...

i can figure you two guys like an o.k. Corral battle with your camera's!
that's a cool shot.

JJ said...

LOL Like Paolo as I read your words I pictured the soundtrack from one of the spaghetti westerns,

When you get shots like this it does make one wonder will his shot be posted on a blog somewhere and what will he say, if its of me I imagine something like this guy is lucky with his pot belly has something to rest the camera on LOL

Ilan said...

It can be so funny to find out that he actually posted your photo on his photoblog :D
Great catch, glad you were quick enough to "draw" in time :)

z-vet said...

Heh, this is funny: right place, right time. :)