Friday, 3 April 2009

Outstanding In His Field

So not long to go until the 4am project, have you got your subject picked out?

Keeping away from tone mapping today, I shot this last weekend whilst out walking with Tez. I didn't intend to go through this field but living where we do there were lots of bangs going off and the little fellow was so scared he started heading for home.

Now most of these bangs are these new bird scarers that fire off a "shot", have you seen any? Powered by gas and timed to go off twice every so often they make a pretty substantial noise. Now this year we seem to have a new model, the things look like canons from a war ship and you can actually feel the shock wave in the air. What was wrong the old fashioned scarecrow eh?

Not only that but the field I saw this new model in (not the field in the image) seems to be growing Brussel sprouts this year, now we all know that these are only for use by evil school cooks just to get their own back on children! They serve no other purpose if you ask me, why do they need protecting? ;-)

Let me know your thoughts as always, whether that be the image or your views on evil veg!



Briony said...

this is gorgeous! i want to be there!

JJ said...

Superb shot Craig, wonderful point of view and almost moody feel which works well

As for Brussel sprouts, I to used to consider then one of the evil veggies I would never touch, but over the last couple of years if there cooked well I actually find them quite tasty

have a good weekend mate

Tammy-Cricket said...

Fantastic image. Very mystical...the leaning tree makes me wonder what is to the left!

Pere Chuliá said...

Muy buena composición e iluminación. Buen trabajo.

Ovidiu said...

Great landscape! B&W is the perfect choice.