Sunday, 19 April 2009

Northerly Aspect

Do you know (well why would you) that I've something topping 3000 unprocessed RAW files?

Some are multiples from slightly different angles of shots that I've already posted. Some are just rubbish, some just "nice" pictures that I might like to look at but will never blog. Then there's family stuff that I'll get around too at some point (so I tell myself) and there are those that I thought I might blog but then get buried somewhere. I come across them from time to time and think "oh yeah I was going to post that" but I always seem to be concentrating on the latest batch of shots.

So I was just wondering if any of you are in this position? Do those files just keep mounting up? Or are you very good, being ruthless with those shots you know you probably will not use? It'd be interesting to know.

As for today's image, it's nothing special I guess but I departed from my usual method of B&W processing. It's looking north along the Suffolk coast line.



Karen said...

Another stunning pic.

I am getting much better at being ruthless. I have an initial cull, then take a look a few weeks later and cull again. I never miss the deleted pictures.


csj @ID7 said...

I'm the same mate 100%

Sophie Asselin said...

Bice photograph. It's beautiful in black and white.

JJ said...

I to am the same, I do a quick purge when I load them on the computer, perhaps process and post less than 5%, but keep them all, keep having to buy addittional hard drives ot have multiple backups of them

Christopher said...

Nothing special? This is awesome! Love it.

z-vet said...

I keep all pictures until i process those i like most. Then i delete all others.
Great picture (as always :) ), amazing black and white!

Ilan said...

3000 unprocessed RAW files?! Are you crazy? :D
I came back from a week in Barcelona with 260 files, and since I bought my camera I shot exactly 2881 photos (the counter on the file tells me so)
3000... Wow. Sounds insane!
On the other hand, if that leads to photos like this, who am I to argue?!